The cost of him to my life

Before I met him I was solvent, had a car, lovely home and garden. I was finally happy there after years of unsettlement.

I used to travel away for short breaks.

I can’t afford to do anything like that now. I am devastated that I have to do it all again. I am devastated that I have no one who loves me deeply. I have many who care for me.

I have been accused of not knowing how to love…that was wrong, I did know how but he wanted it to be his type of love.


Duvet day in half term

After my accident on Saturday I have been laid up and resting, allowing the bruising to subside.

I’ve had texts from the Imagineer that echoed the ones he sent in my company to Amanda but yet on his Facebook page he is still engaged to me.

He left on Saturday morning and it was the afternoon before it started. Probably during the footie.

Imagineer declares his love

I asked for a work reference and he quickly turned it around to sex.

It turned out that he’d been kicked out of his sister’s and had words with gf.

As he was insisting on how much he loved me, missed me and everything that goes along with it. My insurance in this was to inform his son, sister & gf about him being here, declaring his love for me.

He woke later and I showed him the messages, to which he responded that’s a bit harsh and I said that I was standing by what I had written & nothing was hidden.